The Badon Hill Blog is Born!

Hello! Welcome to the Badon Hill Blog! I'm Deanna, the creator of the handmade brand called Badon Hill.

Handmade Leather Journal by Badon Hill ||

What is Badon Hill?

Badon Hill is my handmade business. For now, I make leather journals and sketchbooks, bringing together medieval and traditional methods to create supplies for modern adventures. I am working to expand into other product lines, but they will all center around the idea of facilitating and inspiring adventures (both the everyday sort and the across-the-world sort), and of course the recording of said adventures.

Badon Hill began in June of 2009. For the first five of the six years I have sold my handmade wares (mostly leather journals) on, I was in school. I was only seventeen when I began - this was before they required shop owners to be over 18 - and I was therefore preoccupied with high school and then college. Badon Hill served as a creative outlet and an extra little boost to my finances. But after graduating and getting married last year (yay!) I've now been focusing my energy into growing Badon Hill into a true business, instead of just a hobby income.

I've been devouring every resource I can find on the topics of small business development, selling online, and all things handmade - books, blogs, podcasts, and I've even watched a little bit of Shark Tank. I'm working towards transitioning toward more reliable sources for  consistent materials, such as the leather and paper I use to create my journals and sketchbooks, and I am developing a whole new line of handmade goodies. I'll continue to share more about those changes as they progress, but one other huge change is the starting of this thing you're reading right now: the Badon Hill Blog.

The Badon Hill Blog ||

What will this new blog be?

I'm still figuring this out to an extent. I have blogged before, but that endeavor was largely unguided by any real mission statement or goals, other than "I just want to write about stuff I like - mostly medieval history - and hopefully direct some traffic to my etsy shop." (And if  you really want to see what I am talking about, click here.) 

The Badon Hill Blog will be very different.

I will be writing about running a handmade business and how that's going for me, history and bookbinding techniques, DIY tutorials, stuff that inspires me, and maybe a few other things here and there. The main goal, though, is to inspire an adventurous spirit in myself and my readers. 

The goal of the Badon Hill Blog is to inspire an adventurous spirit in myself and my readers.

What the heck does that mean? Well, to me, that "adventurous spirit" could mean spending the weekend taking a long hike in the woods, or it could mean finding a new perspective on your everyday and seeing your "normal" as something worth writing about, or it could mean taking the leap to embark on starting your own business, or it could even just mean trying something new or scary to you. Basically, I believe there is value in the everyday, and I also believe there is value in shaking things up and trying new things - being adventurous.

Sound like something you want to be a part of?

I sure hope it does. You're awesome first of all for being here at the very beginning of this blog (and for reading all the way through this post). If you want to stay updated and be a part of the exciting things to come here at Badon Hill, then please subscribe to the Badon Hill Newsletter via the box in the sidebar on the right (or below this post, if you're reading on your phone or tablet)! By signing up, you will receive a weekly email and be the first to know about what's going on at Badon Hill and the Badon Hill Blog, plus you will have access to exclusive sales and promotions. And believe me, there is some big stuff coming soon!

For example, I will be publishing the next post here on Monday, June 15, celebrating an important milestone for Badon Hill by announcing something that you won't want to miss! See you then!