How to Journal while Hiking

There's nothing better than sitting down in the middle of a good hike - perhaps looking out over a vast forested valley, or perched upon a log beside a rushing stream - and taking a few minutes to pull out your journal and write. This is your chance to reflect on the trail you’ve hiked thus far and record all of those lovely little moments and observations you want to remember. You write about the sorts of things that a camera can’t quite capture, such as the eerie whisper of the wind in the tops of the trees, or how a doe darted across the trail, sending a chill down your spine, or how the earthy odor of the forest brings back memories of your childhood adventures roaming around the woods behind your grandparents’ house.

But, how - and why - should you capture those experiences and sensations in writing? How do you translate the magic of the moment to the page of your journal in a way that doesn’t feel childish or trivial? Read on for some practical tips to get you well on your way to writing with confidence about your hiking! It will take some practice, but with a little help, you could head out for your next hike and record it in a journal entry to be proud of...

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